Vintage 1998

The weather of the year 1998 has been marked by two extreme and quite opposite periods. The month of August has encountered a sweltering heat and temperatures that reached record levels.

However, heavy rains failed during the first two weeks of September, postponing the harvest to an ulterior date. This program change allowed the weather to come back and the grapes to reach their final maturity.

On the nose, Dom Pérignon Vintage 1998 surprises by its apparent freshness and simplicity. After perceiving first notes of almond and grapefruits, cashew and spices appear gradually to the taster. Toasted brioche scents finish that first tasting approach.

On the palate, the sensation is delicate and light. The wine touches the inside of the mouth as satin while offering a vibrant and persistent aromas palette. The tasting takes effect in many forms, from a sensation of weightlessness at the beginning, to a strong and pronounced feeling at the end. Acid undertone eventually emerges from the whole experience, as if it were lemon zest.

To sum up, Dom Pérignon Vintage 1998 is a wine with delicate flavors and fruity aromas which will always be a pleasure to serve and taste on special occasions.